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'24 Kendo Tournament

Join Us May 18th

Event Location:

PKSA Karate Livonia

18766 N. Middlebelt Rd. Livonia MI 48152



Event Details:

Competition Divisions 

Forms: Will be scored the same as at the PKSA Tournaments.


Cutting: Students will have 1 chance to cut through as many pool noodles as they can. This will be their score. We will also include increments of 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4. In case of a tie they will each do 1 more cut. Will will have sharp swords (wakazashi and katana) to borrow for those who do not have full tang swords. 


Sparring: Students will spar in complete bogu gear. We will have gear to borrow. Students will receive a point upon making a clean (not blocked) strike to the head, body, or hands while calling out the location of the strike. If they do not call out the location men (head) kote (hands) or do (body) the point will not be counted. The first person to 3 points will be declared the winner. No excessive contact will be permitted. The rounds will run for 2 minutes.




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